The magical premature ejaculation capsule


The Mughal E Azam capsule is the ultimate treatment control premature ejaculation. The medicine is made of genuine rare herbs that are selected after much research incorporating the age long practical experinece of haqeem sahab. The medicine is made specifically to counter the premature ejaculation problem as every man wishes to last longer in bed to impress his partner.

There are several reasons that prevent men from achieving the right timing and performance. Mental issues, physical weakness, hormone disbalance, self disbelief, etc. are some reasons that create the problem. This premature ejaculation capsule ensures that you extend those special moments with ease. It strenghtens the penis veins and balances the hormone secretion. The endurance of veins to bear the sensation and holding the blood helps in increasing the time.
Mughal E azam comes in two forms – cream and capsule. The cream is a penis enlargement cream and capsule works to eradicate the premature ejaculation. Both the medicines are completely safe on skin and body and pose a long lasting positive impact.
We are the reputed and trusted Unani pharmacy working in the service of mankind since 1929. Using our long practical experience and advanced equipments, we have made the best of the medicines to treat various sexual issues.

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