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The Mughal E Azam capsule is the ultimate treatment control premature ejaculation. The medicine is made of genuine rare herbs that are selected after much research incorporating the age long practical experinece of haqeem sahab. The medicine is made specifically to counter the premature ejaculation problem as every man wishes to last longer in bed to impress his partner.

There are several reasons that prevent men from achieving the right timing and performance. Mental issues, physical weakness, hormone disbalance, self disbelief, etc. are some reasons that create the problem. This premature ejaculation capsule ensures that you extend those special moments with ease. It strenghtens the penis veins and balances the hormone secretion. The endurance of veins to bear the sensation and holding the blood helps in increasing the time.
Mughal E azam comes in two forms – cream and capsule. The cream is a penis enlargement cream and capsule works to eradicate the premature ejaculation. Both the medicines are completely safe on skin and body and pose a long lasting positive impact.
We are the reputed and trusted Unani pharmacy working in the service of mankind since 1929. Using our long practical experience and advanced equipments, we have made the best of the medicines to treat various sexual issues.

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Herbal Remedy To Control Premature Ejaculation

Mughal-e-Azam-Plus-CapsuleEvery couple wants to make their private minutes extremely romantic and memorable. As much as you may want your sexual life to be more erotic but there could be few hindrances in your endeavors.
Premature ejaculation is a spirit-destroying, humiliating and embarrassing circumstance. Premature ejaculation is essentially a man’s failure to control his discharge. The word plainly conveys on to us that the capacity of controlling one’s semen flow is totally immature.
premature ejaculationHerbs utilized in Mughal-e-Azam premature ejaculation cream enhances blood supply to keep every organ of the body empowered, these herbs expand nourishment and oxygen supply to cells, tissues and muscles of the body and keep vein vessel blockage-free for smooth blood flow. The holistic premature ejaculation medicine can protect and natural impacts make cream really one of the best hostile to untimely discharge.
Natural treatment is used effectively in order to increase penis size and improve its erection ability that stays men Last Longer In Bed. In the past some years Mugal-e-Azam has remained as the Top Penis Enlargement Cream manufactured to give you protected and workable instant results.


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These natural herbal medicines are very effective for the improvement of sexual health. It also boosts overall physical health. These natural herbal medicines are very effective for the improvement of sexual health. It also boosts overall physical health. These are 100% safe and may not cause any side effects. In these days, several people around the globe are facing unique variations of erectile issues as well as early ejaculation problems. This Sex Enhancement Capsule may undergo to various researches to get the positive result.

A young guy enters into his sexual life in his teen age and the sexual life reaches the peak in his middle age when he became men. An age factor and the fast daily life may become an obstacle in the sexual life of men. The basic key factor for male sex enhancement treatment is healthy diet on daily routine or regular basis. Some more methods for sex enhancements treatments are :- physical activity on daily basis, sleeping on time and strictly follow a schedule.

couple-in-bed-romance-hot-imagesMostly penis enlargement cream is used to increase the size or length of the penis. Most of the men have keen interest to increase the penis size as they are not satisfied with the normal size of their penis. They may have other choices also like pumps, surgeries, enlargement pills etc. most of the cases the normal size of the penis 3 to 4 inches when not erect. With the use of penis enlargement cream you can increase your penis size 3 to 4 inches. Penis enlargement cream not only increases the length of the penis but also the circumference or thickness of the penis.

The major advantage of pills is that they are convenient. Taking a pill each morning after breakfast may boost your sexual energy level high. There are various reasons why enhancement pills are seriously the best choice. They’re discreet, easy to use, neat, and very reliable premature ejaculation medicine in India is a simple solution to increase the penis size. Sexual pills basically improve blood flow to the genital area. Increased blood flow to the male organ gives a last longer in bed fuller erection. It gives more effective and permanent results.

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